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Pet Odor Detection/Removal

While preparing a house for move-in, a realtor noticed a strong, persistent pet odor. Using our investigation methods including examining the surrounding walls and paint, blacklight use, and a well-trained sense of smell, we locate the source of the odor to one specific corner. Damage to underlying tack strip (notice blackening) suggests this is a major hotspot.

Odor-saturated carpet and tack strip are removed, and the concrete surface is cleaned and prepared for odor-neutralizing treatment. An active-enzyme sealant is applied to the area in question, and given a day to dry. At a later date the carpet, pad, and tack are replaced with matching, clean samples. Any residual odor in the base of the subfloor is neutralized by the enzyme or locked in by the seal. The remainder of the house is treated with a pet enzyme in addition to a standard steam clean. With the rest of the house clean and this hotspot neutralized, the house is ready for move-in without issue.

Work begins removing carpet, padding, and tack strip, each damaged beyond repair. Damage is noted to have reached the subfloor.