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Pet Odor Removal

Even with training, our furry friends aren’t always perfect in their household manners. Even small accidents, over time, can create stains or a lingering odor. No matter what you do to try and cover up the smell, the evidence just can’t be hidden.

That’s why we don’t cover odors up. We remove them at their source.

When pet accidents happen, we use our professional-grade enzyme that breaks down odors at their source, instead of just covering them up. When combined with our powerful and effective steam clean, odors aren’t just hidden, they’re neutralized.

And for realtors or new homeowners who just moved in to find powerful damage from a pet before, Lindblom’s has an arsenal of enzymes and seals that lock away pet odors. Our expertise in diagnosing and treating damage, plus tools like blacklights to find hotspots, mean that there is no one better at effectively neutralizing pet odors for good.

Whether a simple accident or serious damage, Lindblom’s has the most powerful tools and the greatest experience to clean up any mess animals track in or make.

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