What Is Carpet Restoration

At Lindblom’s, we are a company that specializes in Carpet Restoration. Maybe you’ve seen a lot of carpet cleaning companies and are asking yourself, “What’s the difference?” The truth is, sometimes changing one word can make all the difference, and this is one of those cases.

Simply put, Carpet Restoration is the ability to resolve any and all issues a carpet has, returning it to a pristine, like-new condition.

If your carpet is like a canvas, then Carpet Restoration is the ability to create art backwards. It requires a skilled technician trained to recognize exactly what happened to your carpet to make it the way it is now. Like an art expert studying brush strokes, a technician restoring a carpet needs to discover the exact cause of a stain, odor, or other damage in order to prescribe the right treatment to neutralize it.

Using this process, Carpet Restoration goes beyond a simple clean and cancels out the damage done by:

  • Pet Odors: Enzyme treatments do more than cover up an odor, but actually neutralize it, removing the guilty substance altogether.
  • Lumps: Stretching the carpet to better fit the room will cancel out unsightly lumps or wrinkles caused by years of walking, moving furniture, and other wear and tear.
  • Soil and Grease: Chemical treatments are used in harmony with steam cleaning to remove even long-established spots from the carpet. This works because Lindblom’s uses powerful alkaline solutions, which use the same chemical properties as a bar of soap to pick up traffic, soil, and grease, which is then whisked away by steam.
  • Color Loss: Often someone will be concerned about why a light-colored “stain” is still present after a home treatment, when what they’re actually dealing with is color loss through a bleaching agent. Lindblom’s is able to correct this damage through either a process of adding dyes to return the carpet to its original color, or through patching, replacing the bleached area with a section of clean carpet in a discreet area.
  • Damaged Carpet: A combination of stretching, patching, and other repairs will restore areas where carpet has been harmed by pet scratches, burns, tears, or other damage.
  • Color Stains: Many colors react to certain solutions in ways that cancel each other out. For example, oxidizers negate tea and coffee. Ammonia and heat remove most reds. If you prefer, in many cases a patch can restore stains without the use of chemicals.
  • And More: Virtually any issue can be resolved and nearly any carpet restored with the right combination of treatments.

By now you can see that another definition would be, Carpet Restoration is the ability to bring a carpet back to life by expertly resolving each and every issue.

Carpet restoration makes a carpet look like new while saving $100s-$1,000s of dollars over replacing. For rental property owners, it is simply a must in order to keep costs low while maintaining a high quality. For tenants Carpet Restoration can help you keep your deposit when moving out. And homeowners will see that Carpet Restoration will give them a better place to live and a more appealing place to eventually sell.

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